Lottery Sambad Old 15 Tarik 1PM, 6PM & 8PM

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Lottery Sambad Old 31 Tarik

Do you want to see Lottery Sambad Old 15 Tarik 1PM, 6PM & 8PM Winner List? You have come to the right place. We publish all Dear Lottery results, for example: Nagaland State Lottery, Lottery Sambad Morning Draw List, Lottery Sambad Night Draw List, Lottery Sambad Evening Draw List,

Dear Lottery Result Night, Dear Lottery Sambad, Sambad Lottery Result, and Lottery Result Sambad on this website every day at the right time. Nagaland State Lottery department released Today’s Dear Lottery Result. All results of today’s Dear Lottery are given below.

About – Lottery Sambad Old 15 Tarik 1PM, 6PM & 8PM

Lottery NameDear Lottery / Nagaland State Lotteries
OwnerNagaland State Government
Lottery CostRs. 6 /-
Lottery Play Time1PM, 6PM & 8PM
Lottery Play DateEveryday
1st Prize1 Crore
Result StatusPublish
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Lottery Sambad Old 15 Tarik 1PM, 6PM & 8PM Prize List’s

1st Prize 1 Crore Rupees
2nd Prize9000 Rupees
3rd Prize450 Rupees
4th Prize250 Rupees
5th Prize120 Rupees
Lottery Sambad 1PM, 6PM And 8PM

Today Lottery Sambad 1PM

Today Lottery Sambad 6PM

Today Lottery Sambad 8PM

Dear Lottery  1PM Draw Schedule & Names

DaysDraw Names
SundayDear Yamuna
MondayDear Dwarka
TuesdayDear Godavari
WednesdayDear Indus
ThursdayDear Mahanadi
FridayDear Meghna
SaturdayDear Narmada
Dear Lottery  1PM Result

Dear Lottery  6PM Draw Schedule & Names

DaysDraw Names
SundayDear Sea
MondayDear Desert
TuesdayDear Wave
WednesdayDear Hill
ThursdayDear Lake
FridayDear Mountain
SaturdayDear River
Dear Lottery  6PM Result

Dear Lottery  8PM Draw Schedule & Names

DaysDraw Names
SundayDear Toucan
MondayDear Finch
TuesdayDear Goose
WednesdayDear Pelican
ThursdayDear Sandpiper
FridayDear Seagull
SaturdayDear Stork
Dear Lottery  8PM Result

Dear Lottery Result Today Utilization of Revenue

The revenue generated from Nagaland State Lottery plays a crucial role in funding various developmental programs and initiatives in the state. These programs may include infrastructure development, education, healthcare, and other social welfare projects, contributing to the overall welfare of the people of West Bengal.

Dear Lottery Result Today Legality and Regulation

Nagaland State Lottery is a legal and regulated lottery scheme authorized by the Government of West Bengal. It operates under the provisions of the Nagaland State (Regulation) Act and is overseen by the West Bengal State Lotteries Department.

Dear Lottery Result Today Responsible Gaming

Like any lottery scheme, Nagaland State Lottery encourages responsible gaming practices. Participants are advised to play within their means and maintain a healthy approach to lottery participation. Age restrictions and other measures are in place to ensure the protection of vulnerable individuals and maintain the integrity of the lottery scheme.

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Nagaland Dear Lottery, Lottery result Night, Lottery Sambad Night, Night Lottery Sambad, Lottery Sambad Today, Dear Lottery Result Today, ডিয়ার লটারি আজকের দুপুর 1 টার রেজাল্ট, ডিয়ার লটারি আজকের রেজাল্ট, ডিয়ার লটারি আজকের আটটার রেজাল্ট, রাত আটটার লটারি রেজাল্ট, আজকের লটারির ফলাফল, সন্ধ্যা 6 টার লটারি রেজাল্ট, আজকের লটারির ফলাফল 8 টার, প্রিয় লটারির ফলাফল আজ দুপুর ১টা পশ্চিমবঙ্গ, 6:00 টার লটারি রেজাল্ট, dear lottery 6 p.m. result,

Lottery Sambad Old 15 Tarik
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