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Mega888 online casino Malaysia is not just about online slot games and live table games, tons of exciting arcade games can be found at their online casino platform as well. The one type of casino game that has been gaining a lot of attention at Mega888 online casino Malaysia in 2023 is fishing game, also known as fish shooting game.

What are fishing games?

Fishing games are a type of skill based online casino game where players can spend credits to buy ammo and then try to shoot down as many fish as they can that swim across the screen. The more fish a player can shoot down within a limited amount of ammo and time, the higher the reward they can get at the end of the game. Fish shooting games are not just about shooting fish, they are sea creatures and boss fights as well that yield tons of reward. Typically at Mega888 online casino Malaysia, fishing games like Li Kui Pi Yu and Ocean King come with numerous type of weapons and ammo that players get to choose from.

Introducing Mega888 Ocean King fishing game 

Ocean King is an old-school fishing arcade game with great features including free money, a stunning 3D effect, a wide range of fish with varying values, and an arsenal of weapons to help you catch more fish. Ocean King is available to be played on Mega888 online casino Malaysia both on the PC web version as well as the mobile app version. Needless to say, a Mega888 online casino account is required to start playing Ocean King as well as a handful of other exciting fishing games. These days, Ocean King is all the rage at Mega888 online casino Malaysia, but it seems that very few players really understand the rules and can overcome the hurdles. If you want to be the best underwater hunter, then follow the recommendations listed down in this article. 

Focus in on rare sea creatures 

A beginner fishing game player at Mega888 might think that the best strategy is to just hold down the trigger and blindly shoot down any fish that appears on screen, this is actually a waste of ammo. Keep in mind that in online fishing games, your currency supply will deplete at the rate of fire if you fire quickly. Be careful to shoot consecutive fish accurately if you want to save cash.  Rare sea creatures do spawn in Mega888 Ocean King fishing game and they mostly come in green and gold color to help the players identify them.  From time to time, you can see a frog that is either golden in hue or one of the darkest shades of green. Killing the frog will increase the frequency and value of both frogs’ appearances. If a player manages to shoot a fish of any color to death, a huge jackpot will be awarded.

Bullet conservation in Ocean King fishing game

Mega888’s Ocean King fishing game is more than just about training your aiming skill, it can be about resource management and bullet conservation as well. A good online fishing game player will use their bullets wisely when they have plenty of opportunities to win big. Since players will need to spend credits to buy ammo in Mega888’s Ocean King fishing game, how well you conserve your in-game bullets will determine how much profit you net at the end of each game.  Furthermore, big fish, rather than sharks, jellyfish, rays, sea turtles, or killer whales—are the fish that gamers should target if they want to make a killing. These big fishes are known as bosses. 

Extra features in Mega888 Ocean King fishing game

Regular ammo is not just the only thing players get to use to mow down fish on screen, they may also purchase the special crab bomb in the game. An intriguing addition is the crab bomb, which, when detonated, lets players catch a plethora of fish. The crab bomb destroys a slew of underwater enemies when the player gets their hands on it. In addition to that, we also have the hurricane feature as well as the lightning chain feature which helps players win even more credits while playing the game. 

Ocean King Lightning Chain

Connecting as many fish as possible is the goal of the lightning chain. The following fish species are permitted to use this feature: octopus, flounder, lionfish, clownfish, butterfly fish, fugu, spearfish, and snapper. Multiple fish numbers linked at once can increase a player’s score.

Ocean King Hurricane Fish 

The fish may both bestow a twister feature on players and ensnare other fish in its vicinity. A few games don’t have this function, yet it’s a huge advantage for players: Devilfish, sharks, killer whales, humpback whales, and bomb crabs in particular. 

Play Ocean King fishing game with Mega888 today

In Mega888 games, Ocean King included, the rewards could vary depending on the table. You could see aquatic creatures like king whales and dolphins at tables where the stakes are smaller. So, in order to conserve money and increase winnings, players need to be careful with their bets. Players should also be mindful of their currency management and strive to shoot steadily rather than aimlessly, so as not to waste too many coins shooting new member register free 100 little fish. The most effective strategy for winning is to catch fish in the area, since they will release electric shocks that hurt other fish and reward players with cash.

If you think you have what it takes to conquer the seas and win real money at Mega888 online casino Malaysia, then sign up for an account now and start playing Mega888 exclusive Ocean King fishing game for free (on PC or mobile) right away!

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